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stephen sargeant

Founder, Chief Web3 Officer

Connecting The Crypto Compliance Community. 

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About Stephen

Stephen is the founder of Airdropd, a content production house that helps blockchain companies, educational firms and startups create exciting and contextual content for their audience. 


Stephen has spent the majority of his career as a cryptocurrency compliance and blockchain investigations specialist, who previously acted as the Deputy Manager of AML Investigations consulting for industry leading cryptocurrency exchange, Bitfinex. Previously, he acquired AML experience working for international bank HSBC as an AML Investigations Manager and acquired many AML and cryptocurrency designations and is also a Certified Trainer for Blockchain Analytics company, Chainalysis. 


Stephen has been a contributor to several International Public Private Partnerships initiated by Interpol, FinCEN and FINTRAC to counter human and fentanyl trafficking, darknet marketplaces and financial crime in the cryptocurrency industry. He specializes in blockchain investigation training and providing consultancy to compliance programs at fintechs and crypto companies. 

Keynote topics

Cryptocurrency Compliance and Blockchain Investigations

Personal Branding and Developing Soft Skills

Web3 Branding and Marketing



The leading cryptocurrency fundamentals course is now being taught by one of the most sought after crypto compliance professionals. 

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 Cryptocurrency Fundamentals Certification (CCFC)

Considered the best course to gain a better understanding of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, the ecosystem, the stakeholders and the regulatory landscape.

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Reactor Certification (CRC)

Considered the best course to start your cryptocurrency career as an AML investigator, fraud analyst or regulatory compliance officer.


Airdropd Crypto

Compliance Masterclass

An engaged community of financial crime fighters who are embarking on the mysterious and fast-moving world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. 

Just dropd

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Creating custom content to engage your audience

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Speaking on crypto and compliance topics


Bringing compliance knowledge to your workplace


Hosting educational sessions for the community


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